Friday, October 31, 2014

Ornate Mithril Plate

For my PvP healing set this season I used the Ornate Mithril Plate set. Well, ok I didn't really use the full set but I based my design on it. There is no belt and the shoulders are fugly as usual with Vanilla sets. I also changed out the breastplate. I think it turned out quite well. The Ornate Mithril set is crafted by Blacksmiths.

If you look on Wowhead it says the Hydralick Armor has the same model as the Ornate Mithril. It doesn't. The Hydralick has sleeeves. The Ornate Mithril leaves your arms bare in a nice tank top look. I like the sleeves however. I think it looks funny to have bare arms with larger shoulders. I've always wanted to use the Hydralick chest and one of the things that has stopped me was finding a good pair of shoulders. I was digging through my bags - literally (void storage was full, bank was full, all my 28 slot bags were full, you get the picture) and ran across Warchief's Mantle. DING!! We have a match! I had saved them from waaaay back when simply because I loved them. They're an excellent fit and fairly unique since the only shoulders that have the same graphic are all quest rewards or rare spawn drops or no longer available (unless a BS happens to have ancient crafting mats stored away). Going with the bluey teal color in the shoulders, I used the Royal Qiraji Belt that drops off the Twin Emperors in AQ40. A small belt that is perfect for bare midrift transmog.

There are LOTS of combinations of one handers and shields that I tried with this that looked very good actually. I must admit to using a contemporary shield and weapon set up however. I didn't plan on that. But once I earned my Prideful weapon and I saw it matched well...if it ain't broke, why fix it? Or in Transmog land...If it matches, why mog it? And the Shield of Mockery? Dude, totally creepy. I rather like the graphic even if the tongue thing does weird me out. Some other options would be Blackhorn's Might Bulwhark, Blessed Qiraji Bulwhark, Spire of Karabor, Unbreakable Will, Rimefang's Claw.




Shoulders Warchief's MantleQuest- Escape from Durnholde
Chest Hydralick Armor Random Drop
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltAhn Qiraj - Vek'lor
LegsOrnate Mithril PantsBlacksmithing
BootsOrnate Mithril BootsBlacksmithing
HandsOrnate Mithril GlovesBlacksmithing
HandsConqueror's HelmetRandom Green
Main HandPrideful Gladiator's GavelPvP Vendor
ShieldShield of MockerySiege of Orgrimar

Now for the fine print. The tough part about getting this set is that the patterns for Blacksmiths to make the Ornate Mithril set are no longer in game. You need to find a blacksmith who did the quest lines for them way back when. Basically someone who was a glutton for punishment years ago. I of course looked up Gygan, who's my go to Blacksmith, sent him the mats, he made them and I gave him a nice fat tip. I'm gonna cry if he doesn't come back for WoD and I find another dusty old pattern I just need to have made. Here's a list of mats for full set:

  • Mithril Bar x80
  • Truesilver Bar x13
  • Thick Leather x10
  • Mageweave Cloth x6
  • Solid Grinding Stone x5
  • Heart of Fire x1
  • Aquamarine x1
I didn't need all those since I switched out the chest and shoulders. There are number of other pieces that you can mix and match with this blue set. It's very versatile, much like the Conqueror's Set. So if you need a dark blue piece of armor, try the Ornate Mithril. Coming out soon, I'll be doing a series of chain mail transmog sets. Best part of hunter transmog? Taming a pet to match your gear!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warlords is Coming

Warlords are coming? I've taken a nice little break from WoW once we downed Garrosh. With Warlords of Draenor in beta stages now I'm back in the game with a renewed vigor. The break did me good since I was starting to hit that burn out phase. We lost some of our raid team along the way and it took a combined effort of both raid teams to make the Garrosh kill the first time. He's down. I wore my AQ set for the occasion, honoring the bugs of course. I even turned on my helm graphic for each Paragon kill.

Posting a couple sets I've done recently. I'll update them later with resources but most of the fun is the pictures anyway right? The first is my red and black. I wasn't a fan of the PvP paladin plate set the last couple seasons although I did like the red accents. I replaced a few pieces with Dragon Soul warrior tier look alikes. And of course used Ashkandi. That sword really is like candy! It's a very nice huge sword, even for a Blood Elf. Add in the fact it's cool looking and red and you can't beat it.

Since I've already mentioned the PvP thing, the picture below really tells you why I ventured back into PvP. I think the last time I did serious PvP is when my warrior Pyckles was a level 35 twink. I had enjoyed getting the Sergeant title on her at level 28. Well I took at look at the PVP mount and decided "I need that!" So I went out and got it by running RBGs. Rated battle grounds for those of you who are PvE junkies. I have a soft sport for equine mounts, even if or especially when they have glowing green hooves.

And of course my PvP transmog. I went Holy instead of Retribution. I don't think I even transmogged my prideful weapon once I acquired it. It's based on the Hydralik check and Ornate Mithril pieces. Thanks again to my favorite Balcksmith Gygan.

I've been running around in Warlords beta and for now I'll leave my opinion of how they're doing out of my post and stick to the relevant info like what's new to transmog. And sadly...there is little in the way of color so far. More dull gray. Yech. Some of the NPCs are sporting some pretty stuff though! I'll be compiling some screenshots this week and will have some sets ready. One good thing to note for the gnomes who trasnmog, your mid section no longer disappears. Yay for new character models!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone! Yes, I am still around. I know I've taken a longer than usual break. Busy holidays. Plus I've been doing a little real life transmogging so to speak. Christmas was spent at my mother's helping my brother design a new logo and some tee shirts for his developing surfboard company. Also been putting together a set of Western Pleasure show outfits for horse shows this upcoming year.

As far as in game transmogging goes, I've done more with alts than my plate wearers recently. I have not quite finished my green set for Greatsword of Pride's Fall, although I have finally selected all the peices I want. There were a few that were toss ups. I put my black and gold set on hold when my guildie cried out in anguish that it was too close to his set. And I have been distracted by putting together a white set to match my legendary cloak. There are few irons in the fire over here so hopefully I'll get the furnace going again this week and heat up a few posts.

Happy transmogging all. I'm looking forward to a great year and hope you are as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greatsword of Pride's Fall

Morning. Of course it's Tuesday. Time to myself, servers are down, let's make a blog post!! My most recent trasmog set is in fact one that I've mostly used before. I've changed a few key pieces and I'm very excited about it! I designed the transmog around a specific piece of gear, the Greatsword of Pride's Fall of course! When I first saw this sword before the patch hit I thought "Man...who wants a sword with a bunch of eye balls? eww!" When the time came around for the sword to drop for me, well I had had a change of heart.

I started SoO as a tank. I love tanking and it used to be my main spec. One of our super nice DK tanks, Erragal stepped aside and brought his lock instead. Yay for candy! And portals. Then our shaman had to step down from raiding for a while so we filled her spot with a warlock. Well no need for two warlocks. My pally pulls much more damage than his lock and a couple fights we shaved pretty close on the enrage timer so I went back to ret and he to tanking. Well, I'd been looking at tanking stuff and checking out the tank changes, and I haven't really been IN to ret to be honest. So it was with some uh...ill concealed grumpiness I started really looking into it.

I wasn't impressed with my dps. I had a nice 530 ilvl but my dps was still so-so. I double checked most of the guides I knew of to make sure I wasn't missing anything but I still wasn't quite pulling what I felt I should. So I asked my buddy Vy for a little help. He does some amazing pew pew on his pally (he's heals now) and I know he's pretty good at getting down to the nitty gritty. He verified my CD usage, stat priority and abilities. Then he asked "What weapon are you using?" And I said "A ToT LFR one." He said "You're gonna suck until you get a new weapon!" Well ok, he didn't tell me I sucked but he did tell me I needed a new weapon. Somehow I missed the run down on damage equations on Elitist Jerks. Is it just me or is the majority of our damage based on weapon damage? Ooops! Time for a new weapon!

I wasn't holding out much hope. I'd done a killer transmog for my Bo'Ris polearm (I'll have to post that too) but hadn't had much luck getting much more than some shoulders, trinket and ton of gold from LFR, flex and regular. Stupid coin rolls. A few days later I got my Greatsword of Pride's Fall in LFR. Even without reforges, enchants or gems (look at the crappy socket bonus tho! only 60 str? really? 60?!) it was HUGE jump in my dps. And I had been working on a killer green transmog for Garrosh slaying and the sword happened to match that as well. Better and better! Progression raid night rolls around and we get our first Sha of Pride kill. Go us! He even dropped things that could be used so we didn't have to DE anything. And I decided at the last minute to use my seal and I won it. Not just a regular greatsword but a warforged Greatsword of Pride Fall! Well dayum!! Made my day and then of course my xmoggy guildie call it ugly. (we'll ignore the fact that I did agree with him earlier) Well heck, them's fightin' words boy! I of course at the point HAD to transmog just for the sword! Muahahah!

I decided to run and just grab my Crystalforge set really quick during our break since it was the only purple I had on hand. Well I took a sec and just checkout a few other pieces I had in void storage and ended up swapping out a couple pieces.




Shoulders Crystalforge Pauldrons Paladin Tier
ChestBreastplate of AnnihilationProphet Skeram in Ahn Qiraj
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltVek'lor in Ahn Qiraj
LegsCrystalforge LeggingsPaladin Tier
BootsBoots of Courage UnendingRandom mob drop - SSC
HandsCrystalforge GlovesPaladin Tier

As you can see I switch out two pieces that are look alikes for the Warrior AQ set, Conqueror's Battlegear. I would LOVE to have a look alike helm as well but if I decide to do a helm, I usually don't, I'll just have to find something else. The Crystalforge one actually isn't too bad. I love the sea foam green details in the chest and belt. That little bit of contrast makes it stand out and keeps it from being too matchy matchy as tier sometimes gets. I plan to hit AQ for the Gauntlets of Annihilation since I like a sleeker, smaller glove graphic.

My Golem Shard Legging set, as mentioned in Go for the Gold! has been put on hold for now. I like the green set I was working better, so it will probably be finished sooner. My guildie is still farming for just the right boots for his set. Only one pair of boots has that graphic, it drops off a rare spawn that has a low spawn rate and the boots have a low drop rate to boot. Whew! Anyways...those shall be unveiled soon!! I hope....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Conqueror's Plate - Go For the Gold!

Morning ladies and gents. I've been meaning to get this posted for quite some time now. Somehow all of my plate wearers (sans DK who's leveling atm) ended up in variations of the Conqueror set. So why the Conqueror set? It's versatile!! It's excellent as a stand alone set, it's amazing as mix n match. It goes with a good many Paladin tier sets and many of the fiery red and gold Vanilla pieces. It's sexy, it's smooth, it's classy.

It all started way back when I was making this blog. You'll see a nice little human gal on the right hand side in all gold with a big flaming sword. When they brought back the Mastercraft Blacksmithing weapons in 5.2 I decided it was time to make that sword. And considering I had farmed for the pattern for those shoulders already I was set. Frankly those are some of the sexiest plate shoulders in game, the Swiftsteel Shoulders. I love, love, LOVE! these things. Did I mention I absolutely love them? I'm sure you've seen them used a few times. I ended up with a lot of Conqueror's Plate after some BT runs for miscellaneous pieces of gear. So after a month of crafting Lightning Steel Ingots for Blazefurythe set was made.

This is the full Conqueror's set. I'm using Blazefury for my main hand which takes a minimum of a month to make if you're a blacksmith. Or you can hit the AH and pay anywhere from 20k to about 40k gold for it. The Swiftsteel Shoulders are BoP so you have to be a blacksmith in order to make them. I used the Skyking Bulwark . It's a nice BoE item so you should be able to find it on your AH for a decent amount. The best way to "farm" it would be to run ToT LFRs or farm Isle of Thunder mobs. It can drop other places but the majority of drops come from Isle of Thunder. The shield I would really like to use with this set I haven't tried farming for. Pyckles was collecting dust before they added the new loot spec option. The raid finder version of Twinned Despair just has some sexy colors in it.
Here's my orc. One of my favorite pieces of art in World of Warcraft:The Art of The Trading Card Game depicts a female guard in Org with nice abs. Plus I love the racials for my warrior. I was going to do the same shoulders on this character but decided to go with pieces of the Heroism set instead. Hey, the blue matched her eyes. I used the shoulders and then since I needed one more little piece to pull in some blue I used the belt as well. It was the last day of Darkmoon Fair for the month and I just happened to have enough tickets. After staring at her a few days I decided I did NOT like it! The Conqueror's Breastplate made the shape of her chest funny. I had already used my Glorious BP on the Blood Elf, so I hit Wowhead for look alikes. A quick series of quests later and she's rocking the Nether Protector's Chest. MUCH better! I stayed Titan's Grip for the Crystalforged Waraxe
And here is the Glorious chest that I had already used. I got it for like 150g on the AH or something obscenely cheap. "Conqueror's again? Yep, looks good. Now for the shoulders...." after going through my void storage I chose the Glimmering Steel Mantle from Hyjal. I was farming for the Blood-Stained Pauldrons when these dropped. I wasn't excited about them but kept them anyway for "just in case". They don't match the Conqueror's Breastplate very well because of all the orange in chest piece but work wonderfully with the Glorious. I got all excited about the pinky purpley and pulled out my Crimson Beholder Eye and it was a lovely match! Add a Mystical Cape and you've got a nice taste of femininity to go with the big bad polearm. Oh yes, the polearm. Elementium Poleaxe. Where would you be without a pink weapon? Truth to tell it was the only polearm that really matched. The is an awesome big gold intimidating Mogu polearm but it's NPC only. Dang.
And the must have tank or healing set. I liked shields. And another pink weapon. There isn't much to use Netherbane with so I was excited to pull it out. I did give the Kingly Axe some consideration though. Now add in a Titansteel Shield Wall and you're good to go. The Light-Bearer's Faith Shield would also be a good match but the gold is slightly paler.

Originally on my ret set I was using Soul Cleaver to transmog my Shin'Ka, Execution of Dominion until the polearm dropped from ToT. Well there goes nice big gold ax and I had a hard time finding a polearm to match. Most looked puny on a blood elf, were the wrong color or were held awkwardly. I must admit it's my pet peeve that two hand weapons are sooo tiny on Blood Elves. I know we're dainty but still, let us at swing something larger than a knitting needle!
So those are the current plate sets I'm sporting. I'm working on a special new set for Svarya atm for the express purpose of looking good while killing Garrosh. /wick grin I am so excited about that. Maybe the mamby pamby Thrall will get killed during the Siege of Org and he'll ankh himself and be the bad ass he was back in Hyjal. Yeah right...ok then. I was putting together a nice dark set with touches of gold and then guildie started working on a set along the same lines. His turned out pretty darn awesome. I'll be posting it next week. We still have to farm a few pieces though. I'll also post my "draft" set that I planned around the Golem Shard Leggings. I'm not sold on it yet though so we'll see.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deathwing Xmoggers

Well folks, the servers are down. It always happens. I happen to have a nice quiet Tuesday morning to myself and the server's are down. Seriously, Blizzard manages to plan ahead just for me. I know it. I figured I might as well make a post here. I've been slacking. This summer has been amazingly and wonderfully busy. New horse, big garden, lots of time at the lake and the river, two raid groups, numerous 90's, and so on. Well fall has started, school is in session and I don't know what on earth I'll be doing once the cold weather hits! Oh WoW? I'm not an addict, I'm not an addict!

I've been working on a post that focuses on the Conqueror's set. I consider this set to be one of the most versatile plate sets in the game. You can use its pieces as mix-n-match fill-ins for many different sets or as a stand alone, it's easy to farm and it's usually reasonably priced on the auction house. Usually. I love it. I currently have all three plate wearers (sans DK) sporting variations of this set. While I plan on putting together a nice sinister for my ret pally this week, I haven't tackled that yet.

As I was sorting through my character screenshots this morning to work on that post, I crossed some pics of transmoggers from my Deathwing server. Sets that stood out to me and made pause long enough to get a screenie and send them a tell. "Awesome xmog!" I thought I'd just take a moment today and post some of those.

I saw a fun green set put together by Chocothundaa. He didn't utilize the full emerald set, instead he switched in some fel iron pieces and came out with a fairly fun unique look. He was of course wearing a new pair of pink boots that had just dropped. I made him run to the bank and xmog to the green. Love the AQ swords dude.

I ran across Uuku on my way to hit the engineering auctioneer in Twin Moons. No armory link. This character has been moved, renamed, deleted, who knows. She was using the Robes of Transcendence but no the full priest set. I couldn't recall what set the shoulders were from so I had to check WoW Roleplay Gear real quick. The shoulders are also priest only from the Vestments of Faith set.

Ok, here's a Kaylena set and another Kaylena set! Take a sec to check out her transmog album if you need some more inspiration. Her hunter (the purple and gold pic) is sporting the Netherstorm Greaves. Awesome pinky, purply mail boots and very hard to match! There is a whole netherstorm set, but the graphic and the colors are totally different. I love her rainbowy look. And Venomshroud Robes ftw! I love her use of green here. Yes, Kaylena, is awesome.

Gotta love the Vanilla plate sets! Tatiana does! I scored a screenshot of her near the beginning of the MoP when I was sporting my Jade set. Sistahs! Ok, that was cheesy but still kinda cool to see someone else in the same set with their own personal touches. And then ran into her later in the Glorious set. She tossed in some pieces from the paladin tiers 6 and 7.

Go Gygan. Don't know if many recall but Gygan was one of the winners at the Deathwing WoW Factor competition last year. This set that I recently screenied is based on the Shattrath Protector chest piece and uses some different pieces of the paladin tier look alikes. I love it. It's definately not a set you see everyday. I'm also partial to Gygan because he's been playing since Vanilla and he's a blacksmith. Can we say long lost plate patterns anyone?! He's made some unique pieces for me before so he's one of my preferred crafters.

And my favorite Wish. Absolutely b!tch*n set. Seriously. I know it's not hard to go get paladin tier pieces, but what really puts this set together is her selection of color. The icey blue of Hailstorm, the Lightbringer tabard, the Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight. It's hard to tell from this screenshot but she used Bubbling Anima Belt or something with the same graphic. I wasn't a fan of the glowy globe belts but this really goes very well with this set. And of course Heaving Plates of Protection. Absolutely stunning. I love it.

That is some Deathwing server transmogging fun! And hopefully a nice little taste of tranmogrifying goodness to inspire you for a new set for the Siege of Orgrimmar. Seriously. We get to go kill Garrosh. This is indeed a momentous time in World of Warcraft. Special occasions call for special outfits don't you think? Should I be a glowing gold avenging angel or go with a sinister and intimidating look? What about glorious, bloody red? For the Horde! Or is that too conflicting to wear red while killing a former faction leader? Maybe I should I trick myself out as a Stormwind guard since I'll be tanking next patch. Irony ftw! But yes, definately time for a new set!

What will YOU be wearing when it's time to down Garrosh?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Panda Plate Transmog

Alright, I know it's been mentioned but I do use a lot of Blood Elves. My main characters are Blood Elves. I do love Dwarves and I try to keep an open mind by throwing in a Tauren or two. about Panderans? Duh! They're the newest races and frankly they have a shape that is all their own. The differences in body shape, size and proportion can really skew a favorite transmog set into something....else. I just threw together a few sets that I felt looked good for both male and female pandas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when transmogging your panda:

  • Gold line around the toes - All the pandas have panda sandals, with a little gold line around the toes. I personally prefer to have a little gold in the armor to bring that into the set so it's all together.
  • Big bellies - This can be an advantage and a drawback. The larger belly, especially on males, can show the detail of a chest piece very well. It also sags and can skew the graphic of some belts.
  • Color differences due to proportion - On multi-colored pieces the emphasis might be on different colors that they would be on a human or a troll. The panda legs are shorter, the bellies bigger, the boots lack toes and so on. So a set that might rock on blood elf may end up looking completely different on panda and the color may not match so well if you did a mix n match set.
  • Fur - That's right, pandas are furry. This can make a huge difference in some of the peekaboo armor pieces. Some of the grays, reds and blacks match armor or make it look like you're wearing funny underwear under that skimpy armor. Try to avoid pieces that expose skin (fur) in odd spots, basically no revealing legs unless it's a contrasting color.
  • Preview ALL helmets! - The male panda helm is like...squished. Some don't look so bad but most look like that panda sat on it before putting it on.
  • Here's the same set on both a male and female panda and a male worgen. The comparison can give you some idea of difference you might see in a set on different races. Better detail on the chest, squashed boots, compact legs and so on. I used the Emerald Legplates here. Interestingly enough, there is a different graphic for male and female, not just in pattern but in color as well. You rarely see that. So I have to admit this isn't the best comparison but it will give you a general idea.

    The set here was made around the Ecclesiastical Curiass which shows very well on a male panda. I used the Glorious boots, gloves and shoulders. For the belt and legs I used pieces from the Emerald plate set. There are some variations of this set on WoW Roleplay Gear. For example, they use the Greaves of Pacification. While those legs might have been designed to go with that chest, they do NOT look like that on a panda. You see a lot of the aqua at the knee and not so much of the green or gold and that totally changes the flavor of the legs. Too bad I didn't look this up before making my screenie.

    Alrighty, for the ladies! I never thought that any of the Sexy Plate Transmog sets would look good on a panda. However, after flipping through the AH on my panda monk, I tried on the Emerald BP and it wasn't so bad. This lead me to experiment a little. In fact it was the inspiration for putting together some panda plate xmog. I tried to stay away from too much belly bearing (pardon the pun, I had to!) armor and I discovered those Wrath wrestling belts actually work well on the panda girls. And one last tip, a lot of the Paladin tier gear looks pretty darn good on female pandas. I doubt you could go wrong with any of the Paladin look alike sets.

  • Commander's Plate is the first set. While this is often consider a fairly skimpy set, it doesn't look half bad! I think I prefer this subdued color over some of the brighter colors. Pardon the lack of ears....WMV didn't like them. And yes, there are matching shoulders and belt even though they are not listed on Wowhead.
  • Emerald Plate looks pretty good despite the change in the torso proportions. There are several recolors for this set listed in my Sexy Plate post and the leg plates for these sets can have variations in model graphics. I used the Bog Pauldrons here.
  • Heroism and Valor used to be Warrior sets. With some of the changes to Darkmoon Faire, the replica items are now BoE and can be equipped by any class. You can earn the tickets your self or keep an eye on the AH. Wowhead's Darkmoon Faire Updated guide has all the replica sets listed under the Vendor section.
  • Pyrium Battlegear is one of those "check the contrasting color" sets. I LOVE the way it fits a female panda. However, I had to look up the set before I could tell if those legs were revealing or the reddish brown in the graphic just happened to match her fur! I put the Brackenshell Shoulderpads with the Verdigris Chain Belt to pull the gold toes into the armor. Plus, I do like the big belt on the panda girls!

  • For the gentlemen I just did three sets. They're so wide another one wouldn't fit the screen! I think the helms and shoulders in each of these sets work well with the male panda model. Things to consdier on a male panda...only worry about hte color of the boots, the design won't show. While two of these sets are warrior tier, the Death Knight tier and look alike sets look very good on the male panda. Especially some of the pvp sets. Too bad pandas are warriors only. I also found that the Wrath "wrestling belts" did NOT do a thing for me when they were on a male panda. The belt droops down to accommodate the big belly and the graphic just looks....unappealing.

  • Conqueror's Siegebreaker is a very fun set on a male panda. You can see the details of the whole chest and I even like the way the helm fits. Bonus, it's warrior tier and mostly purchasable with Justice Points in Dalaran. One small problem, I lost my notes and I am not sure what boots I used with this set!
  • Battlegear of Wrath is one of original Warrior tier sets. There are no short cuts with this set. No Darkmoon Faire items or Justice Point tokens so be prepared to run the Vanilla raids. Good thing is you no longer need to be in a raid to enter a raid instance. There is also a green recolor of this set.
  • Gateshattering Battleplate is very easy to get and is one of the few sets where the male chest is skimpier than the female. I like the detail on this set but I usually don't use it because it is so fine. It does provide a very unique look for the male panda however.

  • Hope this gives you a nice start if you're looking for a plate set that is flattering to your panderan. Of course you may not be as worried about "flattering" as I am. Silly me, I like my armor to match well, look good and fit my character's shape. Happy xmogging!